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Using Skype and Vsee

This is a professional private practice providing an online counselling service that could help you find the support you need in a very convenient and practical way

and at a lower cost to you.

There are many benefits with online therapy for people who need to talk in confidence to a counsellor or psychotherapist for personal reasons.

Talking about issues in your life for the first time can be a time of anxiety and embarrassment, this is where this online therapy website can really help lower the anxiety. You can have the choice to remain hidden from view and use sound only, or include video to see and interact in real time with a therapist if you wish.

Talk from home or work about problems in your life in confidence and feel less exposed and intimidated.

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Use Video

Just like normal therapy in online counselling video sessions you can see the therapist and interact with them visually while you are still in your own home environment or even from the workplace.

Sound Only

For many people the advantages of being able to remain hidden from view when using the voice only option over Skype allows them more freedom to talk honestly and openly about issues that would be difficult to discuss with a counsellor in the same room facing them in person, this is a very popular way of having therapy and it can help people feel more confident talking from somewhere safe and convenient this is the reason why more people than ever are using Skype sound only sessions to find the help and support they need when they need it.

Find help and support online for problems such as stress and anxiety issues, sexual problems, relationship problems and even post-traumatic stress disorders and eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia and many more.

You can also discover this advantage for yourself when using Skype for therapy in your own home when using an online therapy service such as this, and it will be able to provide a way to interact with an online psychotherapist/counsellor in a way that allows you more personal choice and is worth considering for the vast majority of the problems you face with this Skype therapy service.

In this constantly changing fast paced age of technology we can embrace the advantages it provides us and use the opportunity to help achieve what we need.

As long as your connection can support on-line communications you can use programs like Skype to talk to the therapist over the Internet where ever you are in the world.

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Service Promise

 Anonymous Clients Stay hidden.


Changing your life with therapy

Making personal changes or trying to cope with life is not easy and feeling lost or confused is quite normal when dealing with life changes or trying to take control and change your life choices.

Think of it this way if we are never confused we always know what we need to do or say and we can all appreciate that everyone can benefit from some guidance or a fresh viewpoint from an outside perspective when we need some clarity.

That is where online therapy can help by connecting you to a person who is impartial and is looking in from another point of reference.

Talking to an online counsellor is a good way to reduce the stress and any embarrassment or reduce any feelings of anxiety because you have more control

Buy remaining anonymous some people find that it is easer to talk about personal problems and it can reduce any anxiety and feelings of being judged when talking to an online counsellor, staying hidden from view removes the need for eye contact and allows more freedom to express feelings and talk about experiences that people may feel is embarrassing or to personal for video.

Eating Disorders

Many people can struggle with finding a relationship with food that works for them, constant dieting and obsessions with healthy eating can create large amounts of stress for lots of people and in extreme cases it can eventually lead to an eating disorder.

Both men and women can develop an eating disorder and it can end up as a life long battle that can take years to control and in some cases may even return years later under stressful life experiences.

Find support hear and now.

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More Problems

The online counselling service covers many more life issues and problems than I can mention here.


We are all unique and although our problems are sometimes comparable to someone else's, we feel and react in our own way.

We all have had our own experiences in life and we have all learned to cope and adjust to the lessons life has shown us, sometimes those lessons can be difficult to comprehend.

On-line counselling can help people comprehend the experience and understand the emotional turmoil that can still be felt today creating all kinds of maladaptive and self-defeating behaviours leading to high levels of stress and anxiety.

Use the contact form to request a free consultation to discover what is possible for you right now.

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Living way from home?

Starting a new life abroad?

Need an English speaking therapist?

Living abroad or working away from home will have it’s own set of problems that can in time start to make ones life miserable leading to mood swings feelings of isolation and even end in depression.

See what help and support is possible

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Feelings of panic and anxiety starting to take over?

Is your imagination creating the fear that is making you feel uneasy or worried and having a real negative impact on your life, that’s what commonly called anxiety.

Do you suffer from panic attacks or social phobias created by anxiety?

Why and how does our imagination work against us

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Relationship problems

On going relationship problems or when you are entering into or recovering from a divorce or separation can leave you questioning our own mind, You may be feeling confused with personal thoughts and feelings and this can lead to emotional uncertainty insecurity and anxiety.

You can find help and support at any stage with starting continuing or ending a partnership or marriage.

Life after a brake or divorce up can be a desperately difficult time but with help and support you can speed up the process and start a new life.

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Need help and advice with stress at work or at home?

Practical help with stress.

Learn how to reduce stress and take back control of your life.

Improve relationships, reduce drinking and smoking and work faster and more effectively, find a better work life balance.

Did you know that we can some times take on other peoples stress with out knowing and increase our own when in reality its not our problem.

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Depression and low mood

It’s not hard to be hurt by experiences or people in life but finding a way past it can take a life time.

Therapy can help speed up the time needed so or help you to start to live a new life.

Past experiences have a way of holding people back, constant thoughts and feelings may resurface or keep you from connecting with the people you love, self blame or low self worth issues will limit your own ability to find a better future.

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Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress disorder also know as (PTSD) is an anxiety related problem that can effect all aspects of a person’s life for years to come or it can fade away quite quickly.

People suffering with the symptoms of post traumatic stress can find that their ability to continue personal relationships and sustain a social life can be severely affected but help is possible and people do recover.

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Talk to a therapist on-line

What emotional problems can be helped with online therapy.

There are many personal problems that can be helped from anger issues eating disorders including sexual issues and addictions and many other areas that stop people from living life the way they want.

Counselling on-line can help people start living a life they want to have and enjoy the experience of life, personal challenges or changes to ones life can leave us struggling to find answers, or trying to make decisions that seem to elude us and confuse us.

Whatever the problem is, you will deal with that issue in your own way, you just need to find the best way for you and this service may help you do just that.

Problems with relationships?

On going relationship problems or when you are recovering from a divorce can leave us questioning our own mind, confused thoughts or feelings can lead to uncertainty and anxiety.

The main relationship we need to work for us is the one we have with ourselves if we trust our own thoughts and feelings we can believe what we want is what we actually need in our life.

Confusion is not just about how you feel about your partner but how life may have changed you or them, we always have to make adjustments for life experiences and also for our partners who also change over time.

You do not have to bring your partner for the relationship counselling to be successful, it can work very well with just you on your own.

Recovering from traumatic life changes.

As people we are all individuals and when we have experienced a traumatic event in our lives it can have a major impact on our ability to cope, and finding a way past it can take a life time.

Online therapy can help speed up the time needed for recovery from past trauma or help you to start to live a new life, by remaining hidden from the on-line therapist it can help you feel less exposed and safer and help you feel more relaxed and able to talk with less anxiety.

Past experiences have a way of holding people back, post-traumatic stress and constant negative thoughts and feelings may surface or keep you from connecting with the people you love, self-blame or low self-worth issues can limit your own ability to find a better future.

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