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The online therapy service covers many more life issues and problems.

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Relationship problems

On going relationship problems or when you are entering into or recovering from a divorce or separation can leave you questioning our own mind, You may be feeling confused with personal thoughts and feelings and this can lead to emotional uncertainty insecurity and anxiety.

You can find help and support at any stage with starting continuing or ending a partnership or marriage.

Life after a brake or divorce up can be a desperately difficult time but with help and support you can speed up the process and start a new life.

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Depression and low mood

It’s not hard to be hurt by experiences or people in life but finding a way past it can take a life time.

Therapy can help speed up the time needed so or help you to start to live a new life.

Past experiences have a way of holding people back, constant thoughts and feelings may resurface or keep you from connecting with the people you love, self blame or low self worth issues will limit your own ability to find a better future.

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Need help and advice with stress at work or at home?

Practical help with stress.

Learn how to reduce stress and take back control of your life.

Improve relationships, reduce drinking and smoking and work faster and more effectively, find a better work life balance.

Did you know that we can some times take on other peoples stress with out knowing and increase our own when in reality its not our problem.

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Eating Disorders

Many people can struggle with finding a relationship with food that works for them, constant dieting and obsessions with healthy eating can create large amounts of stress for lots of people and in extreme cases it can eventually lead to an eating disorder.

Both men and women can develop an eating disorder and it can end up as a life long battle that can take years to control and in some cases may even return years later under stressful life experiences.

Find support hear and now.

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Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress disorder also know as (PTSD) is an anxiety related problem that can effect all aspects of a person’s life for years to come or it can fade away quite quickly.

People suffering with the symptoms of post traumatic stress can find that their ability to continue personal relationships and sustain a social life can be severely affected but help is possible and people do recover.

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Feelings of panic and anxiety starting to take over?

Is your imagination creating the fear that is making you feel uneasy or worried and having a real negative impact on your life, that’s what commonly called anxiety.

Do you suffer from panic attacks or social phobias created by anxiety?

Why and how does our imagination work against us

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Living way from home?

Starting a new life abroad?

Need an English speaking therapist?

Living abroad or working away from home will have it’s own set of problems that can in time start to make ones life miserable leading to mood swings feelings of isolation and even end in depression.

See what help and support is possible

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Online Therapy service.

This is a professional online counselling service that could help you find that support you need in a very convenient and practical way at a lower cost to you.

There are many benefits with online therapy for people who need to talk in confidence to a counsellor or psychotherapist for personal reasons. Talking about issues in your life for the first time can be a time of anxiety and embarrassment, this is where this online therapy website can really help lower the anxiety by giving you the choice to remain hidden from view and use sound only, or include video to see and interact in real time with a therapist if you wish.Talk from home or work about problems in your life in confidence and feel less exposed and intimidated.

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Skype Sound Only Sessions (no video)

Skype Video Sessions.

Online counseling

Use Video

Just like normal therapy in online counselling video sessions you can see the therapist and interact with them visually while you are still in your own home environment or even from the workplace.

Sound Only

For many people the advantages of being able to remain hidden from view when using the voice only option over Skype allows them more freedom to talk honestly and openly about issues that would be difficult to discuss with a counsellor in the same room facing them in person, this is a very popular way of having therapy and it can help people feel more confident talking from somewhere safe and convenient this is the reason why more people than ever are using Skype sound only sessions to find the help and support they need when they need it.

Find help and support online for problems such as stress and anxiety issues, sexual problems, relationship problems and even post-traumatic stress disorders and eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia and many more.

You can also discover this advantage for yourself when using Skype for therapy in your own home when using an online therapy service such as this, and it will be able to provide a way to interact with an online psychotherapist/counsellor in a way that allows you more personal choice and is worth considering for the vast majority of the problems you face with this Skype therapy service.

In this constantly changing fast paced age of technology we can embrace the advantages it provides us and use the opportunity to help achieve what we need.

As long as your connection can support on-line communications you can use programs like Skype to talk to the therapist over the Internet where ever you are in the world.

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We all have lives.

We all experience life’s up and downs and generally manage to cope, when you experience life changing events like a death of a loved one or the loss of a partner through divorce or separation or any experience that negatively influences you, it becomes an event that changes how you feel about your life and who you are as a person.

These changes can sometimes give you a sense of wisdom and a deeper knowledge about yourself, but it can also hold you back, limiting their life in ways that can seem like an unending struggle with problems like depression, self-confidence, low-self-esteem, anger and anxiety that can change how we view ourselves and how others see us.


This can have a major impact on how you see the world around you and shape the way you think and feel about yourself and your relationships, it may make it hard to emotionally open up to others and leave you isolated and alone.

This is all about you and this counselling and psychotherapy service may allow you to discover some new insights and knowledge about whom you are and help you discover what needs to change and how to make that change, it could help you find answers to the questions you need answering.

Corporate clients

My corporate clients often benefit from the ability to book sessions out of normal working hours, not many therapists work evenings or weekends and this can make it very hard to find the support needed to deal with job specific stress and anxiety.(availability is limited).

Legal professionals or corporate managerial workers can have work related issues that impact on performance and confidence.

Finding time to seek help can be difficult for professionals working long hours or commuting long distances each day.

Not getting home until 19.00 each night can be isolating and very stressful and no chance to find support.

Relationships suffer work performance suffers and you suffer, therapy can help you understand your options and motivations and help you find the right balance and what's really important to you.

Life Experience.

When you were born no one gave you instructions on how to become a person in your own right, there was no degree in growing up to pass before you embarked on the educational journey of life, the lessons we learn alone the way can be harsh and painful.

You learned by trial and error and your family became your teachers in the first early years, but they also learned the same way as you did and made their own mistakes and have their own personal experiences to deal with.

The problem with this way of learning is that our family is often filled with people who have their own unique problems, so you learn the bad as well as the good, this can have a major impact on how you see the world around you and shape the way you think and feel about yourself and your relationships.

We are all amazing in our own unique way and it is not always about discovering it for ourselves but just excepting it, yes we all get things wrong and sometimes make poor choices but that is to be expected, after all we are all students in the school of life and all of us have to adapt and learn from experience as we live our life.

Changing your life

Making personal changes or trying to cope with life is not easy and feeling lost or confused is quite normal when dealing with life changes or trying to take control and change your life choices.

Think of it this way if we are never confused we always know what we need to do or say and we can all appreciate that everyone can benefit from some guidance or a fresh viewpoint from an outside perspective when we need some clarity.

That is where online therapy can help by connecting you to a person who is impartial and is looking in from another point of reference.

Talking to an online counsellor is a good way to reduce the stress and any embarrassment or reduce any feelings of anxiety because you have more control

Buy remaining anonymous some people find that it is easer to talk about personal problems and it can reduce any anxiety and feelings of being judged when talking to an online counsellor, staying hidden from view removes the need for eye contact and allows more freedom to express feelings and talk about experiences that people may feel is embarrassing or to personal for video.

Are you Human?

The human side of all of us is real; we cannot escape our own humanity no matter how hard we try, we all have feelings that seem to have a life of their own that disrupt and confound us when we least expect it, our logical thinking side can have an affect on how we deal with emotions to a point, but it loses control in those times that overwhelm us, dealing with a death or an accident can leave our logical mind helpless and confused and struggling to come to terms with the situation.

Things can get worse if we try to disallow our emotions or refuse to except them, if we reject our emotions we can end up rejecting ourselves, anger if rejected can build up and eventually become an over reaction to what may be just a small event, anger has to go somewhere, if it can’t get out and let it be seen it can become internalised hidden and self destructive and impact on our self-esteem and self-worth and it can in time lead to depression.

We can consciously or subconsciously react to events or emotions in life and we can feel helpless to make changes when subconsciously we hit triggers that make us counteract the logical changes we try to make, we fail and that may be expressed internally or externally, we may feel useless or angry at ourselves or aim our frustration at others around us, normally the ones who are closest to us emotionally.

When we go to war with ourselves we cannot win, we will always lose because both internal sides produce collateral damage on the same target, so we need to look at where the real target is situated where the emotions need to go and where the changes need to be made that work for us and not against us.

What stops us making changes?

It is normally fear based reactions and sometimes the fear can be emotionally and physically crippling.

Fear is not something alien or even unwanted it is one of our fundamental survival instincts that helps protect us and those we love, but it can become misdirected or over reactive.

At its best fear keeps us safe at its worst fear stop us living life and its partner in crime is anxiety, if fear is a reaction to a fearful event anxiety is the way that we can project that fear into the future or future event and create internal panic even if the event is only in our imagination it still feels real because the imagination has made it real.

Some times we need to face fear but we also need to look at the facts, diluting the effects of the anxiety is not impossible and it can be done.

People sometimes feel that they are stupid or less of a person or worthless for not being able to make changes but what they feel is real to them and it is not a stupid reaction or behaviour but they feel that others will judge them as such.

How can we start to change.

Many people have compassion and forgiveness for other people but show hardly any compassion for themselves and they can be very self critical when making self-judgments.

Guilt can be a horrible repressive self punishment that goes on and on with no end and very often with no apparent good reason for it to be there.

Low self-esteem can devalue every thing we hold dear about ourselves, it crushes our confidence and that in turn devalues our happiness and restricts our life as well as creating feelings of guilt from almost nothing.

One way to start change with therapy is about learning to value yourself, challenging the internal status quo in therapy and even starting to build compassion for oneself, learning to be less critical and judgmental about you and increase your self-esteem, it can be challenging for  some people especially if they have negative and critical thoughts that have become a constant embedded

nternal dialog that has been there for so long that it has become a constant habit.

It can be hard work but even one small step can have a profound impact on your ability to be happy.

It can be done and clients do make many changes.

With this online therapy service it is very possible to make changes to your life.

Thank you for reading, take care and keep well.

Self worth and self esteem issues

 If you have problems with low self worth you are in fact placing a low value on your self as a person.

We can think of our selves as worthy people in some areas and not in others, so for instance a woman who has a good career may feel that she adds value to the company and feels capable and confident in work, but she has a low opinion of her self when she judges her self as a mother and feels guilty about spending so much time in work away from the kids.

If we have a major low self worth problem it will impact on all of our life and can be a crippling issue that both limits our opportunities and future life expectations in all areas.

In my opinion self worth is the same as self love or is a concept built around how much you value your self as a person and self esteem is how we project that self belief for others to see. Self esteem has a direct impact on our ability to interact with others that allows us to accept praise and fulfil our needs without guilt or feeling as if we don’t deserve it.

Use therapy to find the positive and tackle the negative. It’s often simply about seeing the truth and disregarding the unrealistic high expectations or putting your self first and being your own best friend.

Sex & Sexual identity

The issues surrounding sex and relationships can often be difficult for people to talk about openly and honestly, people who are confused about their sexuality or sexual needs can feel isolated and self conscious, this can restrict their ability to form worth while relationships and lower their self-esteem.

Guilt and embarrassment are common reactions to sexual experiences that have left the person involved feeling confused about their sexuality, is it normal, am I normal, am I gay/straight/bisexual?

Sexuality is just another component of being human, gay heterosexual bisexual asexual are just aspects of who we are and not all that we are.

Therapy can you help find ways forward and end confusion in a confidential non judging way and give you the freedom to explore the possibilities in a safe environment

I deal with all aspects of psychological difficulties including eating disorders depression grief and loss as well as past trauma and all of life's problems in general.

Experience therapy for your self book a free session.


worldwide therapiststay safe

Keep your identity hidden in therapy and stay anonymous.

No name or personal identity about your life is needed.


You can open a temporary email account from services like yahoo mail or Gmail and only use it for this service and you can close that if you need to later

Making payments

Open a PayPal account and use that to send payments and I have no way of knowing what bank it came from or use an online prepayment card that is not linked to your bank.

Staying Anonymous

Talk to a therapist on-line.

What psychological problems can be helped with online counselling.

While on-line therapy may not be suitable for more serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and other psychotic mental health disorders it is well suited to offer practical and emotional help with all kinds of problems that people experience in life.

With this on-line service you can use video to see and talk to a therapist over the Internet.

It can be similar to face to face sessions and some people feel it has more advantages as it allows them more freedom to choose when and how to seek on-line help and support.

There are many personal problems that can be helped on-line from anger issues and eating disorders including sexual issues and addictions and many other areas that stop people from being happy.

Counselling on-line can help people with personal challenges or life changes that can leave them struggling to find answers, or trying to find the answers before making important life choices.

Online counselling with Skype is no longer inventive or new it’s just another option to use, just like online shopping or watching TV programs over the Internet, psychotherapy or counselling online is now just another way to provide the help and support for people who need it in a more convenient and practical way.

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About Online Therapy

Using Skype with voice or video to talk to a therapist online has been very well received by my clients, I was one of the first to use this method and I have found it to be effective at getting results over several years in my private therapy practise.

By using this type of communication you may actually feel emotionally safer while having therapy, especially if this is your first experience of therapy to find help and support with personal issues, this has many important advantages for people like you who are seeking counselling & psychotherapy over the Internet.

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